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Start your child off on the right foot and provide a nurturing, fun, and educational environment. The professional staff at Kyria embraces each child as their own and emphasizes learning through play.

Infant Childcare


Our infant room is where your child’s schedule ranks supreme! Feeding and napping times are based on what the family wants and, more importantly, what the child needs. We listen to what you want for your child and follow that as closely as possible. We will also offer any helpful advice to help the transition into child care.

  • Refrigerator/Freezer For Nursing Mothers To Store Milk

  • Individual Cribs or Pack and Plays For Nap Time

  • Large Spacious Room Split for Movers and Non-Movers

  • No Shoe Room – To Prevent Dirt Where Children Are Crawling

1 Year Old

Your toddler has mastered many skills to get to the YELLOW room. Walking, off the bottles during their time at the center, and your little one is down to one nap a day after lunch! By the time your child starts our yellow room, they are able to function on “the big kid schedule”!

  • Ratio: One Teacher to Four Children

  • 12-Months to 23-Months Old

  • Playing Outside Daily

  • Working on Fine and Large Motor Skills With Various Toys and Activities

  • Schedule: Breakfast (8:30), Morning Snack (10:00), Lunch (11:30), Nap, Snack at 2:45

Infant Childcare
Infant Childcare

2 Year Old

Preschool programming starts at 2 years old. We add a group time to their day where we interact with colors, letters, shapes, stories, alphabet, animals, numbers… the list goes on. We use a creative curriculum in the center and each week we have a pre-determined unit that helps the children grow and learn. We work on their fine motor skills, large motor skills, sensory skills, and their comprehension daily. Before they move to the next room your child must be potty trained!

  • Ration: One Teacher to Seven Children

  • Creative Curriculum To Inspire Growth, Learning, and Development

  • Staff Are Trained in CPR & Have Completed Shaken Baby Syndrome

  • Call For Availability

3 Year Old

All 3-year olds enrolled at our center and are in attendance from 9 am until 11 am are involved with our preschool programming. This entails: Calendar & Weather, Creative Curriculum, Story Art, Outside Play, Letter and Numbers, Shape and Color Recognition. Additionally, we place additional emphasis on manners in the 3-year old room including scenarios such as when playing with friends, at the table, and asking politely.

  • Ratio: One Teacher to Ten Children

  • Three Years of Age & Completely Potty Trained

  • Morning Session Includes Preschool Programming

  • Emphasis on Manners

  • Hands-Free Washing Station to Minimize the Spread of Germs

Three Year Old Childcare
Four Year Old Childcare

4 Year Old (and Up)

We offer a 4-year-old preschool program from 9 am until 11 am. This is not to be confused with the school district 4K program.  In our program, we continue to expand on letter and number recognition and writing, math (patterns, shapes, rote counting, etc.), and fine motor skills. We use a creative curriculum in the center, so we have a theme of the week that we work specifically on. We take pride in the fact that we get to help these children get ready to go to school next year and help in the best ways we know how.

  • Ration: One Teacher to Thirteen Children

  • Creative Curriculum Expands On Numbers & Letter Recognition, Writing, Math, and Fine Motor Skills

  • We Take Pride in Helping Children Get Ready to Go To School Next Year

  • Call For Availability

School Aged Children

Before/After School: We offer a program for school-age children to come to the center before and/or after school during the school year. This is a place for your school age children to come and play – homework help is not necessarily provided rather the opportunity to do homework is. The school age rate is for the weeks when school is in session. If you need care on days off of school, that needs to be contracted in addition to before and after school and there is the additional fee. If you have any questions about the rate, please see the tuition policy. We treat days off of school as a special day at the Center. We usually do more station play than normal, have an art project, and view a movie with popcorn.

Summer Program: Availability is based on our enrollment each year in April. We are licensed to take children up to 12 years old.  Availability is based on our current enrollment.

School-age contracts are made only for the School year or the summer – NOT BOTH! School-age children with younger siblings at the center are moved to the front of the waiting list, along with children who were enrolled in before/after school program.

Summer Program activities are geared toward imaginative play, rather than preschool programming. We enjoy having water days, so keep a suit and a towel in your cubby! We also offer a variety of field trips throughout the summer for an additional cost.

  • Teacher: 100+ Hours of Early Childhood Education Hours

  • Before & After School: A Place For Your Children to Come and Play and Complete Their Homework

  • Days Off School: Station Play Such as Art Projects, Movies (and Popcorn)

  • Summer Program: Licensed to Accept Children up to 12 Years Old

  • Summer Activities Are Geared Toward Imaginative Play and a Variety of Field Trips

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